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Sh*t Women Think About

Jan 18, 2019

While we're focused on one thing, the other is getting away.

Join host Aishia Deal & guest Africa Miranda as they discuss family, relationships, career and the importance of learning to unlearn the societal norms that are projected on to women.

Jan 10, 2019

Toxic Parenting & Family Secrets can emotionally injure us as children and re injure us as adults in ways that make growth and recovery difficult. 

Sh*t Women Think About is back! join host Aishia Deal and guest @IamVetta as they discuss the many ways childhood heartbreak and disappointment can negatively affect adult...

Nov 29, 2018

Do you subscribe to traditional gender roles in dating and relationships? Just as our technology has evolved, have our perception of gender roles evolved as well?

Host Aishia & guest @Phillytheboss as they breakdown the mindset behind traditional gender roles.

Nov 12, 2018

Host @aishiadeal and call in guest @Comup discuss common misconceptions, misjudgment and miscommunication in dating.

Oct 26, 2018

Where does virtual lurking end and dating begin? As the lines between private and public become more blurred, so does our perception of what online dating is. Aishia's back with Trill AC to discuss the pros and cons of dating in the age of social media.